What should I know about sterilization?

All licensed tattooist in the state of Nebraska are required to follow infection control procedures. The county health inspectors do random on site inspection at all Lincoln tattoo shops to insure tattoo studios are following these procedures.

Things you should know:

  • According to The Center for Disease Control there have been no to date recorded cases of HIV infection caused by tattooing that they know of.
  • Hepatitis B is transmittable through unsterilized and improperly sterilized tattoo equipment and needles. Tattoo should be done using sterile procedures to keep you safe. This is why Ray’s Tattoo does not reuse ink, needles or re-sterilize needles. Every customer gets a new set of needles and ink. This has been our policy from the beginning.
  • If you have questions about sterilization feel free to ask.

What can I expect to pay for my tattoo?

A few things to consider:

  • At Ray’s you can depend on quality work done with your safety in mind.
  • Artists at Ray’s are confident in what they do this is what you want in a person that will be creating a design that will last a life time on your body.
  • Infection control procedures used before, during and after each tattoo.
  • Consider the cover–up… paying again to have the faulty work of an inexperienced tattooist covered with a new design.
  • Area on the body is considered because the skin is different on different parts of the body.
  • Each tattoo done at Ray’s has these considerations incorporated into the cost.
  • Cost depends on a few aspects size, detail and color and placement on the body.
    General/Average Costs
    Small tattoos range from $80.00 to $180.00.
    Medium size tattoos $180.00 to 500.00
    Large tattoos $500.00 on up.
  • Back pieces and sleeves require larger deposits with a $80.00 drawing fee.
  • All deposits are none refundable.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • No one under 18 tattooed at this establishment
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Debit and of course cash. please no checks

What kind of art work is done at Ray’s?

Custom work is a piece of artwork drawn-up especially for the client. This is different from a piece of artwork created from a sheet of flash. Expect to leave a $80.00 deposit before an artist will start a drawing. Generally artwork at Ray’s is drawn up for most clients.

Flash: Art work preprinted usually displayed on walls or in racks. At Ray’s you will see these designs in racks and in books these are for ideas and can be changed.

Tattoos that need to be refreshed, added to or covered up we work with all of these there are limitations that can effect each of these we will do our best to accommodate you.

Older work can be refreshed with new outlines and the color redone to give it a new look.

Adding to a design can be done our artist will talk to you about your idea and help you make good decisions.

Cover–ups this is a whole other issue. Yes tattoos can be covered with another tattoo but a few factors play a role in the covering of an existing tattoo.

Healing time, usually the existing work needing to be covered should go through a healing period of not less than 45 days. This is to give the skin time to rejuvenate itself.

Size existing artwork can sometimes be incorporated into the new design however more often than not the original artwork will need to be covered with a larger design.

Color depending on how dark the existing artwork is it will determine what type of a design can cover it.

All the above can be discussed with the artist to get the best results.

Tattoos are addicting after the first one is done most people are thinking of what to add or what to get next. Your ideas or dreams for your body–art are welcome at Ray’s.

Touch Ups

At Ray’s Tattoo & Co. we pride ourselves on producing quality tattoos to the best of our abilities. The artists have been hired based on their artistic and tattooing knowledge. Everyone’s skin is different this affects how it takes pigment and heals. We make the tattooing environment in which you get your work conducive to the needs of a clean and safe tattooing experience therefore after you leave the shop the cleaning, care, and healing is left up to you and your body. Substandard care for your tattoo will result in a substandard looking tattoo.
Touch-up policy is as Follows:
If you are not sure if a tattoo requires a touch up come in and show us. If your artist feels their work needs a touch up to improve the tattoo they will gladly do it! If the imperfection in the tattoo has to be seen with a search or your face close to the tattoo save the touch up for the next tattoo you get. It costs the artist to set up for work no matter if it is a tattoo or touch up. An artist can easily do a small touch up when you are getting a new tattoo because they are already set up. Artists are contracted and pay for their own equipment and supplies so the cost of a touch up is all on them.

If you get a small touch up without new tattoo work being done the artists here will charge a $30 service charge. This charge covers some of the set up cost for items such as gloves, bags, barrier covers, sterilization, needles, tubes, ink, ink caps, paper towels and artist’s time. All touch ups need to be done by the same artist that gave you the tattoo. Only exception is if the tattoo was done at another shop and in that case you will be charged for the work, ask the artist what they will charge.

If a touch up involves redoing large sections or adding to the tattoo this is not considered a touch up and will be priced according to the amount of work.

Take care of your tattoo because touch ups are not Free.

Hands, fingers, feet, toes, and white ink are Not Guaranteed!!

The reason is the type of skin in these areas are different and their natural tendency for the pigment to fall out during the healing. White ink tends to not show up, fall out, and discolor during healing. We will
charge the same amount to touch up or fix these areas as you were charged to originally
get the tattoo. We expect these things to happen and that is why we are giving you fair
warning so you know what to expect when you come back asking for touch ups and to fix the

Learning the trade.

We won’t be offering any internships or jobs here at Ray’s Tattoo & Co. to Graduates from Tattoo Schools and we want you to know why…..

We feel many of these types of schools aren’t offering a complete and qualified program of study and are taking advantage of people by over charging for tuition and not giving the student the length of time in course work, safety procedures, and practice time needed to prefect the art of tattooing. Our belief is the way to get this education is through a proper apprenticeship in a legally licensed shop.

We don’t feel here at Ray’s Tattoo & Co. it would be in the best interest of our customers to have untrained tattoo artists.

If you are someone who is very interested in learning about how to tattoo and before you give anyone your check, we advise you to do some homework first. Contact legitimate Tattoo or local tattoo studios to talk to a Tattoo Professional! Thanks for supporting Ray’s Tattoo & Co.!