Ray’s Tattoo remember your tattoo etiquette

Tattoo Etiquette

How to inquire about Tattoo work:  Do your research credible tattoo shops have a website. Know what you want to spend. Don’t say you’re shopping around nothing worse than knowing a client cares about price more than quality of the art work. Be prepared to pay the artist’s price haggling is an insult. It is better to tell the artist what you’re willing to spend then to haggle.

Consults:  Come in with ideas of what you want, the size in inches, color, or black and grey, where you’re putting it on your body. It is hard to draw for someone you do not know and frustrating to draw something the client does not want. Turn your phone off and give the artist your full attention.

How to make an appointment:  To make an appointment at Ray’s you will need to come to the shop and bring your ID, be prepared to leave a deposit of $60 this is a customary process at any good tattoo shop. Also know this is a nonrefundable deposit. Ray’s takes Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, and Cash. Once the appointment is made if you need to cancel please be considerate of the artist and their other clients that may be waiting. Give as much notice as possible, at least 48 hour notice or more. The more notice the better.

Day of tattoo:  Eat something before coming to your appointment. Take a shower before appointment. Do not wear large amounts of cologne or perfume. Wear appropriate clothing; wear something old the artist is working with ink that will stain your cloths, and wear something that will expose the area to be tattooed comfortably. Nudity not required.

Tips: Are appreciated and voluntary. Tips are not based on a percentage it is to show how much you like the work.

Children:  In consideration for their safety and the comfort of our other clients please leave anyone under the age of 18 at home. Tattoo shops are adult establishments with an adult atmosphere we are not set up with child appropriate entertainment.