Ray’s Tattoo Asks “What about tattoo styles?”

Let’s talk tattoo styles! Below you will find a short explanations of different tattoo styles most of these are done here at Ray’s Tattoo & Co.

Old School: This is style of tattooing has been around for many years thought to have been started in the 1930s-40s on military bases. This style has thick black outlines with black shading and primary coloring also known as traditional tattooing.

New school: This style came with changes in the industry with machines, inks, and the way artists created their designs. This style uses the bold black lines but has a brighter color pallet and more gradients to the shading. The term can also include a range of art that does not follow the traditional style graffiti can be included in this style of tattooing.

Tribal: This style is based on ancient tribal designs can include Polynesian, Aztec, and any island tribe designs. The designs are abstract done mainly in black, but can be accented with color. A good tribal design should work with the natural flow of the body and takes some time to create.

Realism: This style is sought after by many people but not an easy style to accomplish. Realism is portraits of people, animals or landscapes, can be done in black and grey or color.

Biomechanical: This style is human and mechanical parts intertwining. Gears, hydraulics, screws, nuts, bolt, etc. are the main makeup of the design as human muscle, tendons, veins and torn flesh finish the look of the tattoo.

Oriental: This style is based on Asian design. It uses the body to tell a story often done as a large piece that can take up whole backs, arms or legs instead of the western style which is many pieces connected together as one designs.

Trash Polka: This style is realistic graphics with painter like brush strokes or smears that look Chaotic throughout the design.


Just like any form of art tattooing can be expressed in many different styles at Ray’s Tattoo & Co. we have artists that enjoy tattooing no matter what the style is.


After all what’s art if you can’t collect it?