Ray’s Tattoo Asks “What font works best?”

Text tattoos can be artistic and add to a tattoo design, only if the font is chosen wisely.  Choosing a font is important not only to the design of the tattoo but, the readability, and the lasting qualities. You should always consult your tattoo artist before getting it inked permanently in the skin. But you can look at fonts yourself to show the tattoo artist the styles you like.  Fonts on the skin are not like fonts on paper. Fonts on paper will look different when transferred to  skin. The curves of the body, skin texture, skin in different areas of the body all play a factor in the look of the finished text.

Here are a few things to think about:

Lettering is created with a lot of lines so you want an artist that can tattoo nice line work. Lettering is not easy to tattoo if it is done right. Any font can be created as it is designed as long as your willing to get it tattooed the size the font dictates.


This is a one line font it is open and easy to tattoo


Thicker fonts will be outlined and then colored in this tends to add to the tattoo time and thus the cost.


This font has a very tight lower case e and loops. In this type of font the e and loops will close and looks like dots.


This font is very creative the draw back is the letters run together. It will need to be done large to get the details.


This font is open, with the a graphic could add to to design.


All capital letters can distract from the readability of the lettering. Old English fonts are a difficult font to read in all capital letters. This is also a font that needs to be large to get the details


You can find alternative fonts this one is like old English it is easier to read and has a great look.

All these fonts were taken from www.fontspace.com a great site to look for your next lettering tattoo.