Ray’s Tattoo asks “Why Change my design?”

The main reason your design may need to be altered is because the artist needs to adjust the design so it can be put on the skin and where on your body it is placed makes a difference too.

Remember your design is on a flat, smooth and non moveable surface (Paper, Screen, Phone, etc.) and your skin is nothing like that….
As you get older your body changes skin sags, wrinkles and stretches. The tattoo will experience the same changes your artist will try to make the tattoo hold up over time.
Very small designs are great but if they have lots of details it may shrink together or look like a blob,

A portrait is better large due to the details,  lettering can close in the bowls of the letters and look like black dots.

The artist can explain any adjustments they need to make so you get the best results!

Now you know so get tattooed!