Ray’s Tattoo Asks “What about cover-ups?”

Doing really good cover ups is a true skill and many artists try to avoid doing them or just end up using a lot of black to hide the original tattoo.

There are a few factors that come into play in doing nice cover up work…

1. Healing time… from when you first got the tattoo you want to cover up, should be no less than 45 days giving the skin a proper healing time and time for the skin to rejuvenate.

2. Size … the piece you want to cover will determines the size of the piece that will cover it up or if any of the existing tattoo can be incorporated into the new design.

3. Color.. plays a big part in the cover up and the new design depending on the darkness of the           old tattoo.

4. Look for a design that has a lot going on to distract the eye from the original tattoo. Good design options are flowers,  scaled creatures, furry creatures, etc.

5. Cover ups are not one session tattoos you will need several sessions to cover the old tattoo. The session proceeding the first is not considered a touch-up it is a continuation of the cover-up. Expect to pay more for cover-up work.

Ray’s is known for some of it’s amazing cover ups and will work with you to determine the best options that will give you a finished tattoo that you won’t want to hide.