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Apprenticeship – what should I know?

If you want an apprenticeship at any shop e-mails and phone calls, messaging will not get you in any tattoo shop. When you are ready hit the pavement walk into shops with your portfolio. (and a resume wouldn’t hurt!) Ask for an apprenticeship or a portfolio critique. Show you’re interested in working for the shop not… Read more »

Free Download – Ray’s Tattoo Wallpaper

Download free official Ray’s Tattoo wallpaper to use on your desktop, tablet or mobile device! There are four designs with five sizes for each. Enjoy! Rebel Skull Rebel Skull XL – 1920px by 1200px Rebel Skull L – 1440px by 900px Rebel Skull M – 1366px by 768px Rebel Skull SM – 1280px by 800px… Read more »

Ray’s Tattoo remember your tattoo etiquette

Tattoo Etiquette How to inquire about Tattoo work:  Do your research credible tattoo shops have a website. Know what you want to spend. Don’t say you’re shopping around nothing worse than knowing a client cares about price more than quality of the art work. Be prepared to pay the artist’s price haggling is an insult…. Read more »

Ray’s Tattoo Asks “What font works best?”

Text tattoos can be artistic and add to a tattoo design, only if the font is chosen wisely.  Choosing a font is important not only to the design of the tattoo but, the readability, and the lasting qualities. You should always consult your tattoo artist before getting it inked permanently in the skin. But you… Read more »

Ray’s Tattoo Asks “What about tattoo styles?”

Let’s talk tattoo styles! Below you will find a short explanations of different tattoo styles most of these are done here at Ray’s Tattoo & Co. Old School: This is style of tattooing has been around for many years thought to have been started in the 1930s-40s on military bases. This style has thick black… Read more »